About the program

ACCIONA Energia invites applications from community groups and organisations who wish to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities to apply for grant funding.

The 2025 Small Grants Program for Waubra, Mt Gellibrand, Mortlake South, Gunning and MacIntyre Wind Farms will open for applications in February 2025.

Eligibility and evaluation criteria

Applications for funding must align with the ACCIONA Social Action Plan, and must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Enhance education, healthcare or cultural development
  • Promote sustainability, the environment and conservation
  • Promote, provide or support the provision of basic energy and water services
  • Actively contribute to driving and improving the socio-economic system of the communities where ACCIONA Energia operates

Applicants must also satisfy the following:

  • Operate as a not for profit
  • Have a direct link with the communities in which ACCIONA Energia operates a wind farm or solar farm.

ACCIONA has six Small Grants Programs supporting the communities we operate in:

  • MacIntyre Wind Farm (QLD)
  • Aldoga Solar Farm (QLD)
  • Gunning Wind Farm (NSW)
  • Mortlake South Wind Farm (VIC)
  • Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm (VIC)
  • Waubra Wind Farm (VIC)

ACCIONA Energia will not fund third-party fund-raising activities; events that are illegal in nature; payment of existing debts; or activities and events whereby a solitary individual derives benefit.

Information about our selection and evaluation process and payment terms can be found on our website.

Gunning Application Forms

Waubra Application Forms

Mortlake South Application Forms

Mt Gellibrand Application Forms

MacIntyre Application Forms